Care about your health

We encourage you to choose a provider you will see for most of your visits. You can peruse biographies and photos of the Center’s family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, residents and physician’s assistants by clicking on Family Medicine Providers on
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Care about your safety

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Care about your family

We collaborate with families and community partners to deliver the best support available and often attend school meetings. We work with families to identify the best services and remain a supportive connection until the most appropriate service is identified and
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Why us

Why we are different

We offer fresh alternatives to explore free, positive options for the problems you face, including the ability for you to solve baby necessities through educational activities, counseling and volunteering at the center, as well as providing your children up to five years old with food and clothing. Let us help you confidentially discuss your options, set and reach your goals, and turn wishes and dreams into reality for you and your family.
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What we do

What we can offer

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Main services

Back-up care

Family Center’s


Before and After School


Back-up Care Comparison


Summer Programs for

Children and Youth

Baby’s best start

Useful info for new moms

The following “healthy pregnancy and baby’s best start” tool kit has information to help faculty and staff locate resources offered through Family Center and other reliable sources. You can learn more by clicking on the links in the Healthy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding sections.

We want to support you in having a healthy pregnancy by offering Babies and You a prenatal education program to encourage early and consistent prenatal care. Educational sessions on various topics are offered monthly.

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